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How to activate channels on Roku

The cord cutting trend is at a huge peak now, and many users are shifting towards the internet streaming entertainment to relish. Roku has been offering various streaming device models to load high-quality contents without any lag. High resolution is an essential factor to explore entertainment to the fullest. Just bag the compatible television and uninterrupted internet network connection to the Roku com link. You are now all set to enjoy the worldwide entertainment. Still many users are lagging in the knowledge of getting the channel apps from the Roku channel store. Refer below to know easy steps about ‘How to activate channels on Roku?’

Steps involved in activation of channels on Roku

Very few easy steps are there to follow for your Roku activation. First, you need compatible television, Roku streaming player & remote and stable internet connection. Plug the power cord to your streaming device and turn on. Ensure you have valid Roku account to sign in to the streaming device. Otherwise, create a fresh account totally for free on Roku official site.


  • In the first place, after signing into your account, use your remote to navigate options on Roku home menu
  • Enter the Roku channel store in the menu to explore the channel availability on Roku for your locality
  • Click your desired channel in the list and tap the ‘add channel’ button to install the channel package to your Roku
  • In the meantime, after downloading, you will get the activation code on your TV. Subsequently, enter the channel activation code in the channel site and in a few minutes the channel app will activate

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